HIPHOP ENGLISH | Learn English like a US-Rap Star! 



HIPHOP ENGLISH | The Musical English Learning Method For Teenagers


The best way to learn English is by recoding your own HipHop song.


As a teenager, learning English is effortless when you compare it to how hard it is for parents and adults.

We also feel that it’s important to remember that speaking English doesn't start and stop in a classroom.

By learning to speak English at a young age, English becomes a second language as a life long companion.

Your teenager can take their English to the next level. Discussing your day at dinner is as important as getting perfect grades in English at school.


You also want to maximize your return when your kid goes abroad to study later by giving them a head start.

But how do you motivate a teenager to take learning English this seriously now? And devote the time it takes to study and learn to speak English? 

Music is the answer. The answer is Music.


We promise it won't cost you any effort getting your kid to sign up for our 5 days intensive English workshop. Because they are already listening to popular music.


Why not use this medium to teach conversational English!


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Lucky Mushroom Hip Hop English is a fun new way for teens to learn English through popular music.

The rigid structure currently being taught in school is the reason why most teens have such a really hard time learning English at school.

And sadly even after 7 years don't speak English fluently or near natively.


Our music-based method of learning is the complete opposite of the rigid structure currently taught in schools. Music-based learning enables learning much more easily because it is outcome-based project work.


Plus music activates more parts of the human brain.

This makes learning easier and remembering what you learn longer.


In most schools classes are often way more than 10 or 20 people.


Our workshop has maximum 6 participants plus the trainer. This small number guarantees that you actively take part in all activities.

Your child will have fun learning English while working on a music project with Lucky. Lucky the Mushroom is a fun character that will make your child laugh.


Lucky lives in an exciting fantasy world with other characters. 
And together they experience fun adventures where they discover the world around them.

And boy do they have stories to tell.  Lucky is a smart character and likes to speak in rhymes. This makes remembering phrases fun and easy for your child. And we'll have that rap song written up together in no time.

We will visit your school and bring Lucky along with us to teach a fun interactive lesson. Then we'll meet to record the song.




English is spoken all over the world and culturally rich.


You will explore and discover the creative aspects of English. English is the first language of the Lucky Mushroom Hip Hop course so you will become familiar with the creative aspects of the English Language.

You will learn interesting and maybe new aspects of the English language by reacquainting yourself with the important essentials of grammar.

You will see how simple modifications can make the language come to life.

The metaphor folds into simile and back again.

The present becomes the past making it more lively.

The art of storytelling becomes more accessible to them as it is being taught by an experienced native speaker and rapper with decades of experience in both fields.


Any issues that you or your peer students have with the language you will be able to address during the course but this is not a homework revision course.

The course is designed to introduce you to aspects of the English language that you are perhaps not yet familiar with or do not have the confidence to apply in your daily conversation.

You will experience that during the songwriting part of the course there will be a great deal of conversation in the course and grammatical issues will be addressed as they arise.

For example, if you are having a problem with the structure of conditionals, time will be taken to support you and we'll revise conditional structures.

As the course is a „hands-on “ course, the participants will be encouraged to speak.

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That’s right! The most fun part of this course is making a real hip hop track!

The recording part of the course will take place at the school and will be done in special one-on-one sessions with each participant that you will practice as homework!

A song is created during the course and is captured digitally by Jamil Slater (Jamil Da Real).

He has recorded and continues to record some of Germany’s hottest rappers from the Label 385ideal!

He learned his craft not only through recording local rappers but also by attending the renowned sound engineering school Abby Roads.

Each course participant will actually record their own verse (rhymes) in English with the help of Icy Bro and Jamil Da Real.

The song will be available to you to share with friends and will be available on all social media platforms if the students desire!

The refrain will be written and performed by Icy Bro and produced by Jamil Da Real for Lucky Mushroom.​